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Office/Building/Commercial Cleaning

On-Going Cleaning Choices

LICKETY-SPLIT = "Super Quick"

We remove cobwebs and  trash, tidy up, sanitize and shine kitchen and baths, surface-dust, and address floors as needed.

BASIC = “Quick Cleaning” We remove cobwebs and trash, tidy up, sanitize and shine kitchen and baths, surface-dust, quick vacuum, and mop.

STANDARD = “Good Job” This is our BASIC cleaning, plus we dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, blinds, shades and objects, spot clean walls, windows and cabinet fronts, “scrub-clean” kitchen and baths, crevice vacuum, spot clean floors and baseboards as needed, polish wood and vacuum furniture as needed.

DELUXE = “Detail Cleaning” This is our STANDARD cleaning, plus the items listed below as needed: wash ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds and objects, polish wood, vacuum all fabric, wash all ledges, sills, baseboards and inside windows, clean under furniture and cushions and deep clean kitchen, baths and floors.

One-time, Infrequent and Initial cleaning visits cost more


Post-Construction Cleaning

Can range from $0.5 per square foot to $2 per square foot depending on condition and height of ceilings.

STANDARD: Dust surfaces, trim, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, blinds, shades, spot wipe cabinet fronts and trim as needed, “scrub-clean” kitchen and baths, quick clean inside cabinets and appliances as needed, vacuum and mop.

Deluxe: Thoroughly clean each area from ceiling to floor making area look like new or as close to new as possible. Detail clean kitchen, bathrooms, light fixtures, inside cabinets and appliances, windows (+ inner sills, screens, frames), deep clean all floors usually multiple times, recheck and reclean all as needed!

Additional Services

are available to keep your office looking its best. Such as carpet, upholstery, windows, ceiling tiles, deep clean/polish hard surface floors, light fixtures, etc. Check out other pages to view more details.




Ionizer with your cleaning visit. Excellent for post construction clean up and allergy sufferers. Only $99 per visit!
*Prices vary based on size, location, frequency, condition and options selected. Minimum visit is $99.

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